CSA 6 weeks
CSA 6 weeks

CSA 6 weeks

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6 week Fall Winter 2019 CSA

Must be able to pick up in Monticello GA or meet in Conyers GA

We will be planting the following items


Mustard Greens


Turnips Greens and Turnips

Lettuce (Red and Green)



Green Onions

Let us grow your veggies for you as your family's personal farmer. As a subscriber you will get a weeks worth of fresh, seasonal produce every week during the season. What you will do is help pay for the seed and soil preparation and we supply all the labor and know how to provide you with fresh local food throughout the growing season.

What is CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)?

CSA is a way for farmers and the local community to form a mutually beneficiary relationship in which members provide up front financing so that that farmer can produce his crops. When an individual or family joins the CSA they pay before the growing season so that the farmer can purchase their seeds, soil amendments, mulches, etc. In return, the member gets a share/box of the harvest weekly. The farmer benefits by knowing that a certain portion of his harvest has a home. The shareholder/customer benefits by knowing their farmer and hence their food; where and how it is grown. They receive a weekly supply of healthy, local, and synthetic chemical free FOOD.

How much produce will we recieve each week?

The amount a customer will receive each week will vary based upon the production of the farm and the time of year. The average weekly box will be between 5-10 different fruits/vegetables/herbs, normally in 1-2 lb portions. This share should be enough for a family of 4 for a week. The exact weekly amount is unpredictable as many factors can influence the harvest. 

Does your produce contain GMO's (genetically modified organisms)?

No. We only grow non GMO produce. We use heirloom plants as much as possible. 

Are you certified organic?

No, we are not certified organic. We grow our produce using the principles of organic gardening and since we are a small scale farm becoming certified is not cost effective for us at this time. You are welcome to visit the farm and see how your food is grown. We believe that we don’t want anything used on the products that we grow that we wouldn’t want to be on us or in us. 

Can I choose what produce I receive each week?

The individual components of the weekly box will be determined by the harvest. However, if you get a certain fruit or vegetable one week that no one in your home will eat, we will try to substitute something else or double up on something else in the following weeks. Also, we are open to suggestions and requests leading into the planting season. It will not always be possible to honor certain requests due to climate and/or availability, but we will do our best.